Auto Wealth Maker Review

Auto Wealth Maker Review

Auto Wealth Maker Review – Editorial Note

We do not, as a matter of course, make explicit endorsements for any of the products on this site. And it’s not because we are afraid of the FTC, we just feel that the best endorsements, comes from active and happy product users. As such, we encourage visitors to leave their own Auto Wealth Maker review where possible. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move right along…

Who Created Auto Wealth Maker Anyway?

Auto Wealth Maker was developed by Matt Keenan, a marketer who many have not heard of till now. When we decided to put this product on our site we thought long and hard, because we frankly never heard of the guy. One look at his Alexa ranking though, and we quickly changed our minds–we felt an Auto Wealth Maker Review was in order. The sheer popularity of the product gave us the confidence to put it on our site, and we hope that people who’ve used it can help us validate our choice.Auto Wealth Maker Review

Auto Wealth Maker Review – Product Description

Auto Wealth Maker is a piece of software that allows you to conduct niche research in a speedier, more efficient way. As you may already know, 99% of people fail in niche marketing because they don’t conduct proper research. But that is just where the software begins; it also allows you to source a domain, install and configure a niche website, as well as drive targeted organic (search engines for the uninitiated) traffic. In our opinion, the traffic element is where the software really stands tall. There are lots of product in Clickbank that show you everything, except the crucial traffic element. Without traffic to your site, you may as well pack up your kit and leave the battlefield; there will be no money for you. This is why this Auto Wealth Maker review is sitting in front of you.

Auto Wealth Maker Review – Individual Components

1. Niche Domain Research

The Auto Wealth Maker software will conduct niche keyword research for you, including domain selection and registration. One of the most important elements to search engine optimization, is having a keyword rich domain. The software helps with this in a seamless and efficient manner.

2. Site Building

For those people who can’t handle the techie stuff, the Auto Wealth Maker software will seem like manna from heaven. It handles all the tedious and complicated bits involved in designing, configuring and uploading a website. The creator boasts that this can all be done with a few mouse clicks.

3. Traffic Generation

As mentioned before, this is where the software really comes into it’s own. It handles the process of getting backlinks etc, and improving the search engine rankings of the niche websites that are built. This process is done on complete auto-pilot. Which is good, because manual link-building can be a massive pain.

Auto Wealth Maker – Accompanying Help

The software comes with a comprehensive 12 module training system. Every step in handling the software is covered, the user is not left wandering aimlessly. This is important because it helps to evaluate the software quickly, and gives you enough time to test the 60 day guarantee that is offered.

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That was our Auto Wealth Maker Review, if you’ve used the software, why not help out others by leaving your own thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “Auto Wealth Maker Review

  1. I too was a bit skeptical when I visited the website because I had never heard of Mr Keenan. I had received several emails from someone promoting this so I basically checked it out based on their recommendation. Overall, I’d have to say the product was worth it. $47 is cheap for an IM product these days so I wasn’t afraid to take the plunge. I haven’t seen any returns yet, but it’s been only 2 weeks and still very early days.

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