Deadbeat Millionaire

Deadbeat Millionaire Review – Lazy Amazon Profits?

Deadbeat Millionaire Review

Can you really make lots of money lazing around in just your pajamas? Well Dan Brock seems to think so, and this is why we’ve decided to take a closer look at his latest product, Deadbeat Millionaire. Read on to learn about the features that Dan is boasting “will make you the richest deadbeat on your” block.

Now if you are familiar with Mr Brock, you’ll know that he plies his money-making trade as an affiliate. He’s the author of a previous Clickbank bestseller, Deadbeat Super Affiliate. That course was received well, and I suppose you can say it inspired him to make the present release; a version 2.0 if you will. Deadbeat Millionaire

Being an Amazon affiliate is not the easiest path to riches (editorial opinion), so anyone looking to get get started needs some solid guidance. There are have been many courses on making money online with Amazon over the years, but I have to say that Deadbeat Millionaire is the closest thing I have seen in the spirit of an “authority”.

Deadbeat Millionaire Review – Product Contents

The Deadbeat Millionaire course is a mixture of how-to content and software. For those wet behind the ears, the course walks you through the fundamentals of niche selection, keyword research and other important elements like website creation. But the component that really makes the course stand out is what Dan Brock dubs “the done for you” component. What this component does is allows you to get up and running with very little effort on your part. And perhaps “little effort” is too strong a term; how about no effort, because that whats the ready-made websites and niche research elements really allow for. Simple, yet powerful plug and play.

Here’s a more detailed layout of the Deadbeat Millionaire system:

Deadbeat Millionaire Training

Deadbeat Millionaire Review

The course comes complete with training on things such such keyword research, niche research, product selection, website design and platform choice (WordPress or static html – you decide). The training is helpful for anyone looking to ground themselves in the basic and important elements of online and affiliate marketing. Once you are secure in your understanding of the fundamentals, you can easily deploy the “done for you” ready-made components. Everything from website to traffic generation is all sorted for you.

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Deadbeat Millionaire Review – Software Components

Website Auto Installer


Dan Brock Deadbeat Millionaire

 Perhaps the biggest reason Dan should have charged more than $49 for this course, the website auto installer will make setting up your affiliate sites child’s play. The software comes with an easy to navigate UI and makes design a deployment a seamless process.






Automated Social Traffic WordPress Plugin


Deadbeat Millionaire Traffic Plugin

You can’t make a dime without traffic to your site and the inclusion of this traffic-getting plugin is very handy. After the setup and deploying of your website, the plugin allows you to start generating traffic to your website on complete auto-pilot.






Deadbeat Millionaire Review – Squeeze Page Builder


Dan Brock Super Affiliate

   Once you start driving traffic to your site, the next big step is to start collecting email addresses and build a list of qualified buyers. For that you are going to need a Squeeze Page and the Deadbeat Millionaire Squeeze page builder is perfect for that. Set it up, drive traffic and watch your list grow.




Deadbeat Millionaire Review – Editorial Opinion

The biggest plus to the course though is that it makes it “easy” for anyone to get started. But no Deadbeat Millionaire review would be complete without an expression of what is not so great. In this regard, I found that the course lacked more potent information on niche selection. When you venture over to Amazon for the first time, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the sea of choice that besets you. I feel greater elaboration on the niches that work could have made things easier. Still, compared to the dozens of courses on the subject, Deadbeat Millionaire does a pretty good job.

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Deadbeat Millionaire Review.


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