Google Sniper 2 Review

Google Sniper 2 Review – Ready To Snipe?

Google Sniper 2 Review

The beauty about the internet is that pretty much anyone can have a go. A modicum of common sense and the desire to succeed is really all you need. That is clearly evidenced by George Brown, the fresh-faced Englishman behind Google Sniper 2. Google Sniper 2 Review

So what is Google Sniper 2? The course is a follow on from Google Sniper, which in a nutshell teaches how to build WordPress sites, optimize them for Google SEO and make money as an affiliate. The basic promise is that if you choose your keywords carefully, the ‘sniping’ will be easy as pie. The fist course was well received, and many people who bought it showered praise on how it helped them to make more money online. The obvious question is whether Google Sniper 2 lives up to the potency of its predecessor. Let’s find out with this quick but potent Google Sniper 2 Review.

Google Sniper 2 Review – Course Content Outline

The new Google Sniper 2 course makes several improvements on the first incarnation. In particular it delves deeper into keyword research (perhaps the more important aspect of the system). Other areas that are improved upon include:

  1. A more structured training area. This comes with an improved members area interface, allowing users to quickly move between lessons without getting lost in navigation.
  2. Improved compliance guidance and documentation, helping users to stay on top of the new FTC requirements.
  3. A new scaling module called the ‘Empire Module’. This section shows users how to scale their sniper sites, and move from a few sites to hundreds, maximizing the earning potential of Google Sniper 2.
  4. An updated outsourcing guide which details the steps necessary to take your sniper sites from $100 a day to $1000 leveraging the efforts of other people.
  5. All new case study sites so users can see the process in action, before they implement.

Of course, there’s plenty more in the Google Sniper 2 course. Users so far have expressed satisfaction with the improvements as well as the hidden bonuses that pleasantly greeted them when they joined. The wider feedback has also been positive and members of some the web’s most popular IM forums have also chimed in with their blessings for the course.

Google Sniper 2 Review

That’s all the good parts, what are the things you should be cautious of  in this Google Sniper 2 Review?

Google Sniper 2 Review – Red Flags?

The truth is there aren’t many, if any exists at all. The author of the course, George “Google Sniper” Brown, has demonstrated with the first incarnation of the course that the system works. The only caveat would be that potential users show restraint in how quickly they expect results. Google Sniper 2 is ostensibly all about SEO and SEO takes time. Unless a potential user is willing to stay the course in order to see results, Google Sniper 2 Will be a disappointment (unnecessarily so).

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Google Sniper 2 Review

Google Sniper 2 – Editorial Opinion

As IM courses go, Google Sniper 2 is sound. Users are still encouraged though, to supplement their training with other, more low-cost (even free) training materials. Although Mr Brown does his best to make the course simple and easy to follow, there are bound to be concepts foreign to many new users. Google Sniper 2 will take the ambitious user 98% of the way–the other 2% will require some ‘sweat equity’. Overall, it’s a good course. Users who’ve used the course are encouraged to leave their honest opinion in the reviews section below.

This has been a Google Sniper 2 Review

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